Workout Party

It’s a workout for all fitness levels and focused on 10-minute routines that you can do anywhere. Have some fit fun with friends!

Fitstyle Talks

Want to learn how to FitStyle Your Life? Attend or host a talk by Shana, the creator of this new approach.

How-To Videos

Want to bring some FitStyle into your life? Watch these videos for easy workouts, décor ideas, and more.

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From Our Clients

“Shana’s workshops are sure to motivate and inspire you. They are a perfect fit for our programming and support our vision to create a culture of wellness at work.”

Lisa T. Kimmel, MS, RD, CD-N, CSSD Wellness Manager, Being Well at Yale

“As I worked different adjustments into my schedule, I dramatically reduced the number of hours I sit each day. Just this change alone helped me feel better physically, and more alert mentally.”

Naomi FitStyle client

“When I first asked Shana to take me on as a client, I thought it would take a miracle to get me to be more active. I could never stick to running or other regular gym workouts. So I thought it was a hopeless cause. I was wrong. In my first meeting with Shana, she shared valuable information, tools, and techniques to propel me out of my sedentary lifestyle. She wasn’t just trying to carve time out from the rest of my day for a separate workout, she was showing me how many things I already do can be more active.”

Michelle FitStyle client

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