Fitness is important and exercise is a key to being fit. We all know it. So, why do we allow exercise to get pushed to the bottom of our ‘To Do’ lists or worse, drop off completely?

With the millions of other responsibilities that draw on our time, it’s hard to add in yet another thing to do. Our lives change – with age, kids, jobs – so should our approach to fitness. Exercise needs to be something that we bring into our everyday so that it’s interwoven into all aspects of our lives.

Instead of seeing time as the hurdle, we can see it as a thousand opportunities to succeed. When you just can’t get to a fitness class, there are tons of other simple ways for you to be active right where you are – like simply standing up, for one thing! – with time on our side, it’s impossible not to be successful.

ZoeFit helps you bring fitness into your everyday life, so you don’t have to worry about a busy schedule or having to choose between exercise and spending time with family or friends or working. By incorporating fitness into 3 key aspects of life – schedules, wardrobes, and living spaces – ZoeFit shows you how to “FitStyle Your Life.”

This approach has helped busy people find the time, shed the guilt of having to choose between life and exercise, and improve overall fitness.


The origin of “zoe” (pronounced ZOH-ee) comes from Greek meaning life or the state of one who is possessed of vitality. Fit is short for the word fitness. Life and fitness are inextricably linked. Just like in the company name.

Bio of Founder

Shana_Photoshop_circleShana N. Schneider is the Founder of ZoeFit and the “FitStyle Your Life” approach. With nearly a decade in the fitness industry, she is passionate about sharing the tips and insights she has learned along the way to help anyone who struggles to find the time for exercise. As a fitness expert, Shana has been featured in national magazines, websites and fitness blogs including The Huffington Post, Redbook, Hella Wella, and She has been seen on WTNH News 8 and WTIC FOX-TV CT and Our Lives News 12 Connecticut.

Shana is also a Senior Program Manager at Technolutions and played a key role in the development of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) as the first Deputy Director. She holds a B.A. from Yale University.

She’s known for doing leg lifts in line at Starbucks and working on her abs while getting a mani pedi.


fitstyle / noun / fit-stī(-ə)l
a behavior, design, or way of doing something that makes you physically healthy and strong. – fitstylish (adj.) and fitstyle (verb)