Do you have a summer vacation planned, but there’s a long car drive or plane ride before reaching your destination? Try these useful fitstyle tips that will add some fitness to those hours spent on the road or in the air.

Here are a few key things to have on a road trip and exercises to keep that circulation flowing! And burn a few extra calories along the way:
Exercises to do in a car or plane:
1. Seated sit-ups
2. Biceps and Tricep curls with a water bottle
3. Single or double knee lifts
4. Inner thigh squeeze with sweatshirt or pashmina
5. Stretch by circling ankles, wrists, and shoulders; opening and closing fingers; and holding a seated neck release.
Remember, if you stop for gas, get out of the car even if you’re not filling the tank. Look for opportunities to stand up and stretch! Every step counts.
Watch the video for a bonus tip and for the three things to pack with you!