St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, so I figured why not have a little fun and create a workout in honor of the holiday!

If you’re not marching in a parade, walking along with a bar crawl or busting out your best Irish jig, here’s a festive way to work those legs and buns this St. Patrick’s Day.

Try this easy to remember I.R.I.S.H. 10-minute workout, which you can do anytime of year.

Do each of the following exercises for 1-minute and repeat the sequence twice!

I – Isometric glutes squeeze
Squeeze your buns for a count of 3 and release. Repeat.

R – Rear leg lifts
Lift your leg back and raise it just slightly off the ground with little pulses. Do 30-seconds on each leg.

I – Isometric squat
Get into a squat position and hold it for a full minute! For another option, you can put your back up on a wall and do a wall sit or if you have bad knees just step touch in place.

S – Side leg lifts
Point your toe to the side, then slowly raise and lower your leg. Try not to put any weight on that toe. Do 30-seconds on each leg.

H – Hamstring curls
Put your weight on your left leg. Bend your knee and try to bring your heel to your bum and release. Repeat. Try to focus on balance and not changing the position of your torso or standing leg. Do 30-second on each leg.

What do you think of this workout?

And in case you do want to try that Irish jig, check out this video for some basic steps!