Lately, I’ve been thinking about the keys to fitstyle your life and one of the most important is pretty easy.
Stand up more. Yep, it really is that simple. By standing up we engage all the muscles in our body. By using our muscles even in this minimal way, they stay “awake” and important internal processes keep running that break down sugars and fats, which start to shut down when we sit for too long.

But what I’ve noticed is that just because it’s easy, doesn’t always mean we’ll actually do it, especially if it’s not the norm in your office or wherever you are spending the majority of your time.

So, here’s a tip. Start by identifying just one thing that happens everyday. It’s best if it can be a human cue. Here’s my example. I started standing up every time my boss came into my office. He usually did the rounds first thing in the morning to say hello and check in, so I knew this would be a fairly regular occurrence. At first when I stood up, he told me politely, “You don’t have to stand up for me.” Then I said, “Well, I’m not really. I’m doing it for me,” and I explained why.

It turned into something he would expect from me and I felt obligated to keep doing it. In fact, then he even started standing up when I walked into his office, which then turned into having standing meetings, but that’s for another post.

So, try it. Pick a daily occurrence that will get you to stand up for your own good each day.

Leave a comment and let me know what or who you chose as your cue!