I love mixing things I enjoy with fitness. Since sometimes, I just don’t really feel like doing a workout, that’s where #TGIT comes in. It’s the Thursday lineup of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. Addictive. I found that if I combine exercise with at least one of these shows, TV watching goes from simply being a guilty pleasure to a totally productive workout that I actually enjoy!

Here’s how to make watching your favorite TV show into your favorite workout and not lose a second of screen time.

– Decide what kind of workout you’re going to do. Will it be cardio, strength training…be specific – arms, legs, stomach, or stretching? Choose exercises that allow you to keep looking at the TV and not lose appropriate form! (Don’t think you’re going to do push-ups during the show, unless you’ve got commercial breaks.) This way you won’t have to come up with what you’re supposed to be doing during the show.

– Get out the equipment you’re going to use before the show starts. Make a space, lay out a mat, get out your hand weights, whatever you’re going to use. And remember, you can always choose to just walk in place or simply stand up instead of lounging, so you swap out the couch for your own two feet!

– Use your cell phone timer to keep track of how long you’re doing each exercise. This way you don’t have to lose any screen time or try and keep track of how many reps you’re doing and miss precious dialogue. 30-seconds is about 12 reps of anything if you’re doing them slow and controlled, which will work the muscles in a safe and meaningful way.

When you hear that theme song start or your favorite character’s voice, it becomes a trigger for you to start working out, and actually have fun while you’re doing it. If you do this consistently, then you’ll be on your way to turning it into a habit!

Here’s another important tip, always start with a warm-up, even something like walking in place. Do it from the beginning of the show to the end of the opening sequence through the theme song.

What show will you turn into your new favorite workout?