Are you handing out candy this Halloween? Will you be tempted to eat just one, two or maybe you often lose count? I know the feeling! Check out these 3 easy ways to avoid those candy calories!

FitStyle your trick-or-treating experience at the front door:

  1. Stay standing the whole time.

Even if there’s a lull between the trick-or-treaters. Do squats and kick backs in between. You always want to try and work opposing muscle groups when you can. In this case, by doing these exercises, we’ll be working our hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes, which is the front and back of those legs. Plus, your legs are the biggest muscle groups in the body, so you burn more calories when you fire them up. And you’re going to want to burn a few more calories since you’re probably going to snack on some of that candy. (I know I do!)

  1. Keep those abdominal muscles activated.

If you can keep those abs engaged that entire time, it willl be like doing a series of sit-ups with out having to lay on the floor. You want to pull your belly button in toward your spine. Just don’t forget to still breathe!

  1. Bend from the hips when filling those candy baskets.

Without thinking about it, we often round our back when we bend over, which puts unnecessary strain on our lower back. When you hear that knock and start filling those pumpkins, bend from the hips instead so your butt sticks out like you’re about to take a seat. It’s easier to do when those abs are in, too! This will protect your back and make your legs and abs do more of the work.

And here’s a bonus tip…

Make sure you try to eat before u start handing out the candy and if there just wasn’t any time, then have something healthy handy nearby for you. Your favorite fruit or veggies or even a little handful of nuts are great alternatives and can satisfy that sweet (or salty) tooth.